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Check out our high value game virtual private servers with pterodactyl pre-installed
2GB Ram
1 vCPU
Intel Skylake
5Tb Bandwidth
20Gb NVMe storage
500Mbps uplink
Pterodactyl Panel
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4GB Ram
2 vCPU
Intel Skylake
10Tb Bandwidth
35Gb NVMe storage
500Mbps uplink
Pterodactyl Panel
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8GB Ram
2 vCPU
Intel Skylake
15Tb Bandwidth
70Gb NVMe storage
500Mbps uplink
Pterodactyl Panel
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16GB Ram
4 vCPU
Intel Skylake
20Tb Bandwidth
150Gb NVMe storage
500Mbps uplink
Pterodactyl Panel
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Why us?

Why should you choose us?

High quality game VPS hosting with pterodactyl panel, minecraft, FiveM

Quality Hardware

At Zentora Hosting we challenge ourselves to offer the best hardware for the price, weather your game server is Minecraft, FiveM, Rust, Ark or anythign else you will get the best performance punch for your money!

Easy game control panel, pterodactly panel

Ease of Use

At Zentora Hosting all our Game VPS servers come with Pterodactyl Panel already isntalled making managing your Minecraft, FiveM or other game server easy!

game, support, pterodactyl panel

Efficient Support

At Zentora Hosting we aim to offer the best support we can provide when necessary, keeping your game servers running smoothly!

DDoS protect pterodactyl panel, game servers, minecraft, FiveM

DDoS Protected

At Zentora Hosting we operate all our servers behind strong layer 3/4 DDoS protection systems meaning weather you run a Minecraft, Rust or FiveM server you will stay online!

100% uptime game VPS hosting, FiveM, minecraft

99% Uptime

At Zentora Hosting we offer an uptime garantee for 99.5% allowing you to stay gaming all night.

Cheap game VPS, minecraft, free, FiveM, game, server

Affordable Services

At Zentora Hosting we aim to ensure we offer high quality, affordable services to all meaning your game community wont break the bank!

Pteordactyl game panel pre-installed

Here at Zentora hosting, we use the lightning-fast Pterodactyl Panel game control panel. Pterodactyl panel is a free panel developed by a team of experts, it supports tons and games and is rich in features making managing your game servers easy! Throw away the long install process of pterodactyl panel with Zentora Hosting!

The Pteordactyl game control panel has tons of games available to be deployed within seconds.

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